Coming soon! KLANG, the Complete Album!

New album released December the 15th

We are so happy to announce that « Meanwhile in the Cosy Garage », the new Klang album, will be released December the 15th. Produced by Thierry Plas, the ten songs are the result of two years work. As the cover picture (by Julien Englebert) suggests it, Klang didn’t made any album since 33 years. But behind the walls, inside the cosy garage, the flame is still burning.

"(Meanwhile in the) Cosy Garage" released

New single is "Pay what you want"

April 18, our new single "Cosy Garage" will be released. It will be on sale on this website at "Pay what you want" price.

"Pay what you want" doesn't mean the download is free, but that the buyer, not the seller, fixes the price. The purchaser will decide what amount he deems  to be right, depending on his means and the value he perceives in the music. 
This is great news for cheapskates, but we request that you participate according to your income and your desires. The "pay what you want" principle is based on solidarity, where everyone can access the same service, regardless of their financial situation.

Klang doesn't have a recording deal with a label. All the production, manufacturing and promotion costs are financed by the band.

"Pay what you want" leads the purchaser to question himself: how much do I give? What are my financial possibilities? How much does it cost to produce a song? To what extent can I or do I want to participate?
This is helping us getting away from a purely consumerist attitude, where buying songs is just a mere quick click of the mouse.

Jude Production in charge of Klang's booking

Klang has chosen Jude Production to take care of the band's booking. Jude Production is headed by Fanny Noel and is in charge with some very interesting belgian bands. Have a look at their website. With the new album "Meanwhile in the Cosy garage" awaited for spring 2014 and a serious booking agent to find gigs, next year will be very important for Klang

Buy "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

          Here we are. Our new single "Rock, Paper, Scissors" has been released. It is available on Amazon and iTunes. Listen to it, buy it, talk about it with your friends! We need your support to produce the new album.


Interview on Classic 21

Klaus Klang was interviewed by Marc Ysaye in his show "Les Classiques de Marc Ysaye" on Classic 21, the most important adult rock station in Belgium. Here's in the interview, in french.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Klang in concert

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Thierry Plas to produce "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

KLANG are thrilled to announce that Thierry Plas has agreed to produce and mix the band's forthcoming single.
Thierry has an outstanding record as a guitarist (Machiavel, The Responsibles, Purple Rose, The Taylors Of Panama) and as a producer (Vaya Con Dios, amongst others). His musical talent and artistic flair are a perfect match for KLANG's brand of pop rock.

The single will be ready for release next september.

Breaking news! New member in Klang!

Klang are happy and proud to announce that Phil "Prince" Bertran is joining the band to rehearse for the forthcoming concerts that will follow the release of Klang's new album, "Meanwhile, in the Cosy Garage".

Phil was Klang's guitar player on "Dots and Dashes" and is currently the lead singer and bass player for Planet Lizzy.

Needless to say that Klaus, Kurt, Bob and Paul are thrilled to be playing again with Phil, thus forming a kind of Super-Klang.

Expect to be thrilled too...

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